Hubei Electromechanical industry ceiling fan

Industry:workshop area:12800㎡
Structure:steel structure Model:D.Fans

Over the past 30 years, China's export categories of mechanical and electrical products have changed from less to more, the technical level has changed from low to high, and the market competitiveness has changed from weak to strong. The overall structure has undergone fundamental changes. The strong demand for imports has also played an important role in accelerating the pace of technological transformation of enterprises and promoting the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure.

At present, China is in the key stage of accelerating industrial development. A large amount of electromechanical equipment is the main terminal energy and power equipment of industrial enterprises, which consumes a lot of electric energy every year. In order to speed up the elimination of backward production capacity and backward high energy consuming equipment, the Ministry of industry and information technology has successively issued several batches of the elimination catalogue of high energy consuming backward electromechanical equipment (products).




In response to the call of the state, an electromechanical equipment company in Hubei has been working hard to study and implement energy conservation and emission reduction. This time, it is decided to improve the ventilation and cooling equipment in the workshop in order to achieve the cooling effect and reduce the total power consumption.

After investigating the market, it is found that the function of low energy consumption and high cooling of industrial large fan is in line with the goal of this work, so it is decided to replace the ventilation and cooling equipment in the workshop.

Dawang ventilation's new generation of industrial large fan, which is 30% more energy-saving than the traditional industrial large fan, has won the favor of the electromechanical equipment company and won the important task of this improvement.

PMSM is a new generation of direct ventilation technology for long-term cooling of large industrial space. After on-site investigation and installation, the overall temperature of the workshop of the electromechanical equipment company has been greatly reduced, while the energy consumption is only half of the original.

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