Large ceiling fan of a machinery workshop in Hubei

Industry:workshop area:7800㎡
Structure:steel structure Model:D.Fans

During high-temperature operation, a series of physiological function changes will occur in the human body. These changes can be gradually adapted within the range that the human body can bear, but if they exceed the range and do not do any personal protection (such as wearing thermal insulation clothing, high-temperature hood, etc.), serious consequences such as disease will occur.

The metabolism of vitamin and salt in sweat will be significantly increased under high temperature. When the lost water is not replenished in time, there will be symptoms such as weakness, rapid pulse and imbalance of water and salt, which will reduce the work efficiency.

Under the action of high temperature and heat radiation, the excitability of the cerebral cortex regulation center increases. Due to negative induction, the motor function of the central nervous system is inhibited. Therefore, the muscle working ability, accuracy, coordination, reaction speed and attention are reduced, and industrial accidents are prone to occur.

With the development of society, the new generation of main workers, the post-80s and post-90s, have higher and higher requirements for the working environment. If the workshop is too stuffy and the working environment is too poor, new employees are generally unwilling to come in and old employees can't stay.

The workshop of a machinery factory in Hubei is of steel structure, with large area and high height. When the outdoor temperature is 35 ℃, the temperature in the workshop may be above 40 ℃, and the top may reach 50 ℃ or even higher.




Because the investment cost of traditional air conditioning cooling is too high, the subsequent power consumption cost is higher, the roof insulation can not solve the fundamental problem, and the improvement effect is poor, the cooling work of the workshop has become a major problem.

The management personnel of the machinery factory learned that the industrial large fan can solve the problem of high temperature. After consulting many companies, they hope that the engineers of King ventilation can formulate high temperature solutions for them.

The machinery factory has a large production workshop, many processing equipment and large heat, especially a large number of chemicals in processing. The oil volatilizes and forms oil mist indoors, which is neither safe nor environmental friendly. Effective and significant improvement needs to be made whether it is to strengthen ventilation and cooling or purify the air environment.

The engineer of Dawang ventilation decided to install 16 industrial fans to solve the ventilation and cooling problem of the machinery plant. Through the use of industrial fans, a large amount of cold fresh air is sent into the whole working area and evenly diffused to achieve good cooling of personnel and the environment. At the same time, the overall oil mist environmental protection treatment is further carried out to improve the high temperature, oil mist and muggy problems of the workshop at one time.

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