Safety big fan helps Locke Park

Industry:playground area:15000㎡
Structure:steel structure Model:W.Fans

    When it comes to Rucker Park in Locke Park, I believe everyone who loves basketball has heard of it. As a world-famous basketball court, it originated in New York, USA. It is well-known because of its cool street style and the access of superb players, including many players who later entered the NBA. With the upsurge of street basketball culture sweeping China, in 2006, Mr. Dai Fuqi, the founder of Locke Park in China, made the holy land of street basketball "Locke Park" break through the ground in China.


Rucker Park 

    Locke Park, located in the core area of the Expo Axis in Pudong, Shanghai, is equipped with leisure, sales area, shower toilet and other functional rooms in addition to the main sports area. The main structure of all black high-strength anodized industrial grade aluminum alloy and the spraying process ensure that it does not fade, making the venue look more cool.





For many years, Locke park has been using air conditioning to cool the stadium in summer, and the high electricity bill has become an operational problem. At the same time, due to the limited natural ventilation and the gathering of personnel in the stadium, the exercise intensity is high, and the air in the stadium is very turbid, which is not conducive to the health of internal personnel.

Shanghai Locke park is a 38 meter wide, 70 meter long and 8 meter high arc top basketball hall with four standard basketball courts. In order to realize the comprehensive air circulation and cooling of the stadium, two 8-meter-diameter King ventilation safety fans are installed on the top of the stadium. In order not to affect the normal operation of the stadium, the manager chose to construct at night. In order not to damage the ground of the stadium, the engineers of King ventilation laid a partition on the ground before installation, and used the elevator for rapid installation. In one night, two large fans were installed.


The engineer laid a partition on the ground before installation

Two sets of 8m diameter safety fans have been installed

    Through the use of large safety fans to strengthen air circulation, players and spectators no longer have to endure the dirty air and the cold air of air conditioning. The electricity bill of the stadium can also be saved by tens of thousands. The gentle wind blown by the large safety fans will not have any impact on the ball game and maintain the fairness of the game. In winter, the large safety fan can recycle the hot air trapped on the ceiling to the ground, so as to maintain low heating and high human comfort. 

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