Industrial fan in automobile manufacturing workshop

Industry:workshop area:30000㎡
Structure:steel structure Model:D.Fans

As an important part of the world's automobile industry, the future is the golden period of China's automobile industry. The automobile industry has completed the process from small to large, and is gradually realizing a huge leap from weak to strong. The global automobile industry will further transfer to China and some emerging economies, which is still a very rare historical opportunity for China's automobile industry. China's automobile market is not only developing rapidly, but also automobile consumption is fast. For China's automobile industry, it will usher in the next golden decade, and independent brands will complete the development process from "made in China" to "created in China". It is expected that in the future, the average annual growth rate of China's automobile market will reach 7.1%. The sales volume of China's automobile market is expected to account for more than half of the total global automobile sales volume, which will be about twice that of the United States market.

Automobile manufacturers generally have assembly workshops, parts workshops, six workshops, chassis workshop, coating workshop, welding workshop, testing workshop, collision workshop, test workshop and other workshops with different process flows. Of course, each automobile manufacturer has different process requirements according to the brand, However, no matter what kind of workshop environment of production process, there are high-temperature and muggy environmental problems to be solved, but the environmental problems of these workshops are of different severity.


An automobile manufacturing workshop is a steel structure, and its area and volume are much larger than those in other industries. The workers are relatively scattered. Moreover, with the addition of intelligent devices such as manipulators, the number of personnel and posts required in such a large workshop environment becomes less. Generally, the temperature of the workshop will not directly affect the production of automobile parts and components, The impact of high temperature and muggy workshop environment on people is huge, so cooling people is the focus. Cooling local designated posts is an effective and cost-effective cooling method. However, if the enterprise has a sufficient investment budget in this area, it is also very good to choose to cool the whole workshop.

The workshop of the enterprise wants to cool down the workshop as a whole. Based on the overall investigation of the ventilation equipment in the market, the cooling and ventilation scheme of Dawang ventilation industrial fan is selected. After the implementation of the scheme, the overall circulation of the air in the workshop is realized, with large air volume and three-dimensional wind as a breeze without dead corner, so as to achieve the objectives of personnel cooling and effective ventilation of the environment, Promote production and indirectly improve the productivity of employees.

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