Large industrial ceiling fan of a Baishi sorting center

Industry:Logistics storage area:12300㎡
Structure:steel structure Model:D.Fans

      Warehousing planning connects supply and demand to ensure the quality of goods entering the next link. The inspection of product quality in storage planning can effectively prevent defective products from flowing into the production line or market.

  Baishi China headquarters is rooted in Hangzhou, the beautiful West Lake. At present, it has established a multi-level operation center nationwide, and the distribution network covers the whole country and extends to county and township levels. Through a complete and systematic partner certification management system, professional supply chain solution design, advanced information technology and the company's self-developed comprehensive operation platform genimax system, Baishi provides comprehensive supply chain design and logistics services for domestic and foreign enterprises.




Baishi warehousing and logistics center has a large amount of goods, large staff mobility, indoor heat and insufficient ventilation. Only by improving the working environment can it meet its high required work efficiency. At the same time, due to different types of goods, there are also requirements for the storage conditions, temperature and humidity of the warehouse environment. Too high temperature may affect the quality of goods, and too humidity may cause deterioration of goods and losses.

Baishi storage workshop is a steel structure. Although the floor is high and insulated, the workshop is still sweltering in summer. The cooling equipment used in the workshop is wall fan, but it can only increase the air flow and does not solve the fundamental problem of heat.

Baishi investigated the ventilation and cooling scheme of modern storage and learned that modern storage mostly uses roof axial flow fan or general exhaust fan for air exchange in the warehouse, but the single use effect is not good. Especially when the height of the warehouse is high, the air flow range will be more limited and can not effectively eliminate the moisture around and around the corner.

The senior management of Baishi also learned that the combination of large industrial fan and roof axial fan or general exhaust fan or air conditioner can realize the cooling of personnel and overall ventilation of the environment in the storage workshop, ensure that the goods are in a relatively scientific temperature and humidity environment, and ensure the comfort of personnel and the safety of goods.

After comparing several industrial fans, Baishi invited King ventilation engineers to plan the ventilation and cooling of their logistics center.

In order to reduce the temperature of the whole workshop, the iron roof is used as a cooling scheme, and the temperature of the whole workshop is dispersed. Finally, the air is put through the iron roof to reduce the temperature of the whole workshop. According to the characteristics of the whole building, the temperature of the whole workshop is not reduced. Finally, the whole air is put through the iron roof, Then, the giant fan blades of the king ventilation industrial ceiling fan cover a large air volume of more than 1000 square meters, continuously convey the cold air of the air cooler in every corner, and squeeze the original stuffy and peculiar air out of the room through the doors and windows, so as to achieve the effect of cooling and ventilation.

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