The operating noise of the WS-Y series natural wind ceiling fan is less than 35dB. its permanent magnetsynchronous direct drive motor is directly connected to the motion device, eliminating the need for transmissionmechanism, reducing mechanical noise. The airfoil-shaped double-layer fan blades, continuous angle of attackchanges and tail design all achieve noise reduction and stable flow effect.

Special Blades Design

  • Waterdrop-shaped fan blade cross-section design
    We were inspired by the falling shape of water droplets anddesigned the fan blades to have a large head and a small tail and adouble-layer structure to minimize air resistance. Dawang engineerdrew on the cross-section design of aviation wings to make the fanblade cross-section more like a squashed water droplet, furtherReduce air resistance.
  • 30° angle of attack doubles air volume and strength
    After many tests, we found that the fan blade cross section has anangle of attack of 30° with the horizontal, which can significantlyincrease the air volume and achieve low-speed strong winds.However, if a traditional fan adopts this angle of attack, it will causestalling, air turbulence,increased noise and increased energyconsumption.
  • Aerodynamic noise reduction
    Inspired by the continuous arc transition of eagle wings, wedesigned the fan with an upturned tail to enhance stability, reduceturbulence, and achieve flexible air movement. At the same time,.the continuous change of the angle of attack optimizes the powerconversion efficiency and wind feel, and uses aerodynamics toevenly distribute airflow, which can produce smooth and silentdiffused airflow at low speeds, effectively silencing and reducingnoise.

Core advantages

Application occasion

  • Workshop
  • Logistics Warehousing
  • Golf Course
  • Bakery
  • Playground
  • Hospital
  • Restroom
  • School
  • Waiting Room
  • Supermarket
  • Restaurant
  • Kitchen
  • Vegetable Market
  • Entertainment
  • Park
  • Greenhouse
  • Flower and Plant Cultivation Base etc.

Product parameters


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