Eaton workshop industrial fan

Industry:manufacture area:6800㎡
Structure:steel structure Model:D.Fans

Eaton is committed to improving the quality of human life and the quality of the environment by providing more reliable power management technology. Eaton offers a variety of energy-efficient solutions to help customers manage electricity, fluid power and mechanical power more effectively and sustainably.

Eaton's production workshop has a large area, many processing equipment and large heat. In particular, a large number of chemicals in processing, oil volatilization is diffuse, and oil mist is formed indoors, which is neither safe nor environmental friendly. Effective and significant improvement needs to be made whether it is to strengthen ventilation and cooling or purify the air environment.

Eaton's senior management learned that large industrial fans can produce continuous and three-dimensional circulating air through huge fan blades, feel the soft wind effect similar to natural gusts, produce natural cooling, make the surface of human skin feel the temperature difference of 5-8 ° C, and quickly discharge the hot gas and black smoke in the plant outside in a very short time.



  After comparison with several large industrial fan manufacturers, Eaton's senior management invited our engineers to visit the site and customize the ventilation and cooling scheme for them. After the implementation of the scheme, a large amount of cold and fresh air can be evenly spread to the whole working area, so as to achieve good cooling of personnel and environment and environmental protection treatment of overall oil mist.

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