Industrial fan of Hefei household appliance enterprise

Industry:workshop area:18300㎡
Structure:steel structure Model:D.Fans

Household appliances are the comprehensive embodiment of new materials, new processes and new technologies. New materials, new processes and new technologies in relevant industries will soon be applied in household appliances. Modern home appliance parts have been produced professionally, and the production of assembly plants has been continuous and automated. The production scale of home appliance enterprises is generally hundreds of thousands of units per year, with high per capita productivity.

The workshop of a Hefei household electrical appliance enterprise belongs to brick wall structure. The production workshop is densely populated, with many machines and equipment and low oxygen content. In summer, the outdoor temperature reaches 41 ℃ - 42 ℃, the weather is muggy, the humidity is high, and the workers are easy to sweat. In addition, some engine oils used in machinery and equipment and chemicals needed in the production process will accelerate their volatilization speed in the high temperature environment. These molecules diffused in the air will cause bad environment and strong peculiar smell.

Due to the poor ventilation and cooling effect in the workshop, the air quality can not meet the requirements of industrial production, but also poses a great threat to the health of workers. In order to maintain effective productivity, the air quality problem in the production workshop of the household appliance enterprise needs to be solved urgently.



Choosing a suitable plant cooling scheme for environmental improvement can not only solve the environmental problems such as high temperature and muggy, poor ventilation, low oxygen content and peculiar smell in the plant, but also help enterprises save installation costs and reduce production costs. The household appliance enterprise learned that the industrial large fan can solve the environmental problems of its production workshop at one time, and the energy consumption in the later stage is lower than that of other ventilation and cooling equipment.

After on-the-spot investigation of several large industrial fan manufacturers, the home appliance enterprise invited King ventilation engineers to customize ventilation and cooling schemes for it, in order to effectively solve the environmental problems of its production workshop.

Dawang ventilation engineer has customized the scheme of installing 10 7.3m large industrial fans for it. This scheme makes the overall air in the workshop circulate well, and has the effect of ventilation, cooling and degreasing. Moreover, the total cost is 50% lower than that of central air conditioning, 80% less power, and less power than fans and exhaust fans.

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