Large energy-saving industrial ceiling fan


D. Fans series industrial fan is a new type of HVLs energy-saving super large industrial fan independently developed by King ventilation based on aerodynamic principle. It has low speed, large air volume and no dead angle air circulation, and pushes the effect of class 1-3 similar to natural wind. It can eliminate high temperature and muggy, balance air humidity, improve space oxygen content, smoke exhaust and dust removal and reduce bacterial concentration

Four advantages

  • Power system: German Nord reduction motor
    1. High energy efficiency: meet IE2 high efficiency and energy saving standard, saving 5-10% energy compared with IE1;
    2. High reliability: high axial and radial bearing capacity to ensure operation reliability;
    3. Low noise: low backlash assembly process and gear grinding process, low vibration and lower noise;
    4. High safety factor: strengthen the bearing frame structure, trapezoidal shaft structure, increase the oil seal and strengthen the fuselage structure, so as to have a higher safety factor;
    5. CCC, CE and UL certification;
  • Frequency conversion control: Schneider Electric suit
    1. Flux vector control, smoother startup;
    2.The safety protection module automatically cuts off the output in case of accident;
    3.Adapt to harsh environment, effectively resist fast transient, electrostatic discharge interference, surge discharge interference, conduction interference, shielding electromagnetic interference, power grid fluctuation and high temperature, and the protection grade is IP55;
    4.It has passed the authoritative EMC certification, CCC certification and anti leakage test of SGS company in Switzerland;
    5.UL, EMC, LVD, ROHS certification.
  • Patented blades: fan airflow components
    1.Blade design - streamlined variable cross-section applies aerodynamic equal chord length theory, combined with the principle of relative linear velocity, the blade root to blade tip gradually narrows (304-186mm) and thins (43mm-21mm), the force is more balanced, the air supply is more uniform, and there is no cavity in the center.
    2.Blade material - aviation industry plate adopts 5052h32 high-grade 1.5mm aviation grade aluminum alloy motherboard, which is precision CNC formed with higher strength and flexibility to ensure no fracture.
    3.Blade weight - lighter and safer, each blade is only 6.7 kg (7.3m diameter, excluding buffer), the number of blades is small, the weight is light, the motor load is reduced, the service life is prolonged, and the safety and energy saving are achieved.
  • Hub chassis
    1.Better mechanical performance: it is made of 6061T6 aviation grade aluminum by CNC lathe + CNC precision machining process, with consistent shape, complete metal streamline and better mechanical performance of the chassis;
    2.More accurate dynamic balance: after CNC processing, the chassis accuracy tolerance is controlled within 100 μ m. Ensure accurate dynamic balance of chassis.
  • Tenon joint
    Full mortise and tenon connection structure to ensure the overall safety of the fan:
    1.Motor and chassis: the inner cone is firmly connected with the outer cone through the inner cone. Even if the motor shaft is loose and broken, the inner and outer cones form a structural self-locking to prevent falling;
    2.Chassis and petiole: the petiole and chassis are connected through hook type mortise and tenon, and the bolts are not stressed to ensure the overall strength;
    3.Blade and petiole: connected through concave convex tenon and mortise, the centrifugal force, resistance and buoyancy generated by blade rotation are transmitted to the petiole chassis to prevent the blade from breaking due to cutting force.


Application occasion

  • Workshop
  • Logistics storage
  • gym
  • Gymnasium
  • Indoor playground
  • The exercise room
  • Convention Center
  • 4S shop
  • Terminal market
  • Supermarket
  • office building
  • villa
  • Canteen
  • Museum
  • Business
  • Amusement Park
  • Zoo
  • Playground
  • Station
  • Metro Station
  • air terminal

Product parameters

Air Volume(m³/min)150721380411630963978366220
Blade Nos(pcs)5
Rated Power1.5
Full Load Current(A)3.2
Power Supply380
*More sizes can be customized

Installation height description


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