Industrial ceiling fan of Ningbo Electric Appliance Company

Industry:manufacture area:14500㎡
Structure:steel structure Model:W.Fans

Since the implementation of the reform and opening-up policy in 1979, China has become a country with rapid economic growth. In recent years, the export volume of China's electronic and electrical industry has increased rapidly. The organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) said that China's mainland has surpassed the United States to become a global major exporter of information and communications technology (ICT) products, including PCs, mobile phones, DVDs and digital cameras.

According to the test, the dust in the area where the factory is concentrated is 1 μ More than 300000 particles / m2, even with a diameter of 600 μ Dust particles. In the process of parts processing, transmission and assembly, electrical equipment will inevitably come into contact with the air containing the above four kinds of dust. Therefore, the dust in the air has become a major threat to the quality of electrical appliances.

For electrical appliances, the lower the relative humidity, the better, but for staff, the relative humidity should not be too low. If it is lower than 30%, people will feel uncomfortable. Considering both, the relative humidity of the assembly room should be about 50%. Due to the small number of staff in the supporting room and the long storage time of parts, the relative humidity should be less than 40%.



The production workshop of an electrical appliance company in Ningbo is a brick concrete structure with high height and large area. Due to the high requirements of the electrical appliances for the environment and the need for less dust, a relatively sealed production environment is adopted, which leads to the lack of air circulation and low oxygen content in the production workshop. Especially in summer, the temperature is high and the indoor production machines emit hot gas, Therefore, there are different degrees of hot and high temperature problems under this plant, and the staff are seriously troubled by the environment. Therefore, it is urgent to adopt the ventilation, cooling and dust removal scheme.

In view of the excellent function of industrial large fan in ventilation, cooling and dust removal, the electric appliance company adopted the scheme of King ventilation industrial large fan.

According to the environmental requirements, the ventilation engineer of Dawang has optimized the design and installation of industrial large fan to a certain extent after observing the national standards and the structure of the workshop.

After the installation of industrial fans, the electric appliance company has realized the transmission and circulation of fresh air without dead corners, the high temperature has been alleviated to a great extent, the humidity has been controlled within the standard range, the production environment has been greatly improved, the pain of staff in the production process has been alleviated, and the production efficiency has been greatly improved.

The industrial large fan can adjust the temperature according to different time periods, realizing energy conservation and emission reduction.

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