Industrial ceiling fan of Shandong manufacturing workshop

Industry:workshop area:12800㎡
Structure:steel structure Model:D.Fans

In summer, the production workers in the manufacturing workshop complain. The continuous high temperature has been challenging the heat resistance of the human body. The continuous sweat loss of the production workers leads to a large loss of physical strength and a sharp decline in production efficiency. The peculiar smell and dust emitted in the process of equipment production harm the health of workers at the same time.

How to improve the production efficiency in summer has been perplexing the senior management of the enterprise, and the senior managers have been looking for an effective ventilation and cooling scheme. The single use of traditional ventilation and cooling methods, such as ox horn fan and cooling fan, can not alleviate the high heat situation of the workshop, but also has high energy consumption expenditure.

As more and more enterprises use industrial fans to alleviate the high heat in the workshop in summer, the managers of the enterprise intend to use this product to reduce the workshop temperature and improve the production enthusiasm of workers.



The large industrial fan is famous for its low speed and high air volume. It is conical from top to bottom to drive the three-dimensional circulation of indoor air. It alternates with outdoor fresh air through the vent to evaporate the sweat of the human body, so as to achieve the effect of reducing the body temperature by 5-8 ℃. At the same time, it brings dust and peculiar smell out of the workshop through air circulation, so as to make the workshop in a natural green and healthy environment.

After the field investigation of several manufacturers, the management personnel of the manufacturing workshop highly recognized the industrial large fan produced by Dawang ventilation, especially the design of variable section streamlined aviation airfoil fan blade and full tenon and mortise structure, which greatly strengthened the reliable performance of the industrial large fan. Therefore, Dawang ventilation engineers were invited to customize the ventilation and cooling scheme for it.

After the field investigation of the workshop by Dawang ventilation engineer, the scheme of installing 18 industrial large fans is given according to its space size, space layout and personnel and equipment density. After the implementation of the scheme, the large air volume without dead corner sweeps the muggy workshop, alleviates a series of problems such as muggy workshop, dust and peculiar smell, and greatly improves the production enthusiasm of workers.

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