Dawang attends 2021 China Wuxi Taihu International Machine Tool Exhibition

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Exhibition time: March 10 to March 13, 2021 (Wednesday Saturday)

Exhibition address: Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center

King ventilation booth: A1 special 33

W. fans series and DW will be exhibited in this exhibition Fans series industrial fans.


W. Fans series industrial fans

  W. Fans series industrial fans are new HVLs energy-saving super large industrial fans independently developed by Dawang ventilation based on PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motor) permanent magnet synchronous principle, with 260n M stable torque, stronger driving force and more stable torque, reaching IE4 high efficiency and energy saving standard, saving energy consumption by 30%, fan diameter from 2.5m to 8m, and full load air volume up to 15072m ³/ Min, truly life-long maintenance free, no need to change the oil and oil seal. With 20-year reliable life design, W. fans series solves the problem of ventilation and cooling in more large spaces with excellent performance, ultra-low energy consumption and ultra-long life.


DW. Fans series industrial fans

DW. Fans series is a vertical HVLs energy-saving fan developed by King ventilation. It breaks the installation restrictions of traditional industrial fans and is suitable for more indoor and outdoor places that need ventilation and cooling, such as airports, high-speed railways, amusement parks, bars, restaurants, citizen squares, commercial complexes, etc.

DW. Fans series solves the industrial problem of outdoor cooling. In the outdoor, due to the limitation of site and environment, the general ventilation and air conditioning equipment often can not play a good role, while DW Fans series energy-saving fans are more suitable for ventilation and cooling equipment used in this environment, which can create a comfortable feeling close to the natural wind.

At the same time, DW Fans series industrial fans are not just fans. They have intelligent atomization cooling system, intelligent epidemic prevention and killing system, multimedia video, audio / advertising access, 5g micro base stations (Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom), etc. they can regularly and quantitatively cool, humidify and kill in all directions. Multi media ultra-high definition display (LCD / LED) can scroll and push text, pictures, video and audio, And interactive function, enjoy WiFi anytime, anywhere, surf the Internet in real time, obtain traffic, push advertising, expand marketing, etc.

Dawang ventilation sincerely invites you to visit and guide the booth!


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